Foreign Exchange

Here at Prosperity Investment Management, we offer expert guidance on currency exchange where an international transfer is made. Without the correct service, many simply revert to ease and simplicity when it comes to FX incurring unnecessary fees and getting poor currency rates.

Our Approach

More than $5tn are traded on the foreign exchange market each day. This means it's a lucrative market to be involved in but it can also be a minefield to navigate. We've developed a strong level of expertise in the industry to help spot, manage and advise on the best currency transfers - keeping our finger on the pulse.

  • ‍Up-to-date - The FX market can change in a heartbeat so we're proud to continually be sharp on the best trends, rises and falls across the market.
  • Grow capital - We aim to give you the best possible returns appropriate to your risk profile.
  • We look at real returns - We aim to achieve a positive return after the effects of inflation, tax and all fees.‍ If managed well, the foreign exchange market can also yield potential returns on investment. Let us guide you through the process.

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