Pro Driver Programme

This programme is designed to allow professional racing drivers the chance to maximise their earnings where possible, mitigate fluctuating income and protect their future wealth after their racing career comes to an end.

Our Approach

A driver's career in motorsport can vary from season to season and only has a limited timespan. This means it's important to have a flexible, tax-efficient plan in place to grow your worth as much as possible whilst you can.

  • Protect your future - Investing with our Pro Driver Programme now aims to provide you with strong protection for your future income once your racing career comes to an end.
  • Mitigation - It's the nature of motorsport that your income can vary year-on-year. We aim to provide some stability with a programme that aims to mitigate any fluctuation in salary you may arise.
  • We look at real returns - We aim to achieve a positive return after the effects of inflation, tax and all fees.

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