Ayrton Simmons joins as latest member of Prosperity IM Race Rewards Programme

August 9, 2021

Prosperity Investment Management are pleased to welcome leading GB3 Championship driver, Ayrton Simmons as the latest member of its exclusive Race Rewards Programme.

The British driver has claimed two race victories in the championship so far in 2021 alongside a plethora of top-ten finishes with Chris Dittmann Racing. 

Competing in some of the most highly-rated junior formulae, 20-year-old Simmons was Vice-Champion in British F4 in 2018 and claimed third spot in the 2019 British F3 standings.

As a member of Prosperity Investment Management’s Race Rewards Programme, Ayrton proudly carries the PIM branding on his car and harnesses the power of social media to further fuel his performances on-track.

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